• Demian Deas

The Road Less Traveled

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I've had the privilege of exploring so many beautiful places on the Hawaiian islands throughout the years and it never gets old! In fact, it keeps getting better! What have

I learned, first and foremost, on my journeys? Overcoming fears, that a positive mindset brings good fortune! That no matter what I've achieved the power of nature is humbling, to know my limitations, and to have respect and gratitude along the way. Well, that and having loads of fun!!!

So come join me in exploring hidden gems in Maui that are far less visited and discover for yourself! This is a great opportunity for the alternative traveler to delve deeper into discovering just how extraordinary this island truly is and what it has to offer, while being looked after by an experienced professional.

These half day hiking adventures to hidden waterfalls, bamboo forests, caves, and other sites offer awww inspiring beauty, gratitude for being taken to such a place, a sense of accomplishment for getting there, one of the major highlights of your trip! And are for experienced hikers or active types with some technical abilities. You don't need to be a superhero, but necessary preparations are to the benefit of everyone involved.

If you've made it this far, then hopefully I've peaked your interest and you'll be gearing up for a unique and incredible adventure on your next visit with me! Aloha!

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