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  • Demian Deas

Inter-Island Adventures

This was an exceptional one week private excursion on both Maui and Kauai in July with Kerri, and her friends who joined us in Kauai. Kerri was a seasoned hiker and explorer who was up for the challenge. We navigated seamlessly from one day to the next with moderately challenging adventures in Maui, including a custom 8 mile hike into the West Maui Mountains, a Road to Hana tour, an 11 mile hike into Haleakala crater, to more challenging hikes in Kauai to Napali Coast with aerial views, then deep into the base of Waimea Canyon and River (it's a red river!).

This experience was a major highlight in life, and want to thank Kerri for embracing each moment, remaining adaptable, helping each day go smoothly with continuity, and feeding me bursts of sugary delights! You can be my adventure partner anytime. And quite frankly, if you ever want to be a guide, you're hired! And a shout out to Kerri's friends, Lisa for going the distance with us in Kauai, and her husband for taking the incredible shots of us overlooking Napali Coast! It was an overall monumental success, and will be remembered for a lifetime...




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