Napali Coast

Inter-island adventures

Life Changing Experiences...

We offer 2-3 day inter-Island adventures to Kauai you can package together with your Maui experiences through us. This trip is geared toward the more adventurous and experienced hikers for exceptional experiences. We will be adding the Big Island (Hawaii) in the future, and will keep you posted.

Spend the day hiking and exploring the famous and incredibly stunning, Napali coastline, to remote pristine beaches to relax in, with fresh water streams flowing to the coastline, and waterfalls.

Hike deeper into Waimea Canyon to experience the Grand Canyon of the South Pacific! There are stunning waterfalls and fresh water streams further in the canyon. Whether it be a day trip or camping overnight to explore that much more. Before descending, discover a hidden trail for aerial views of Napali coastline that are breathtaking!


Organize a healthy local gourmet private chef experience that is absolutely delicious and good for you! 

Take a scenic drive around the island to gems, such as the town of Hanalei or Kapaa Shore, and other favorite local spots.

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