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Morocco Sands of Time

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

It may not be a Hawaiian theme, but I find it relevent to post this adventure due to having hired a private camel guide on my travels. It was our first time riding camels and really enjoyed the relaxed nature of the camels, Jimmy and Cappuccino. Our private guide made a series of unique sounds while snapping his fingers to keep them in alignment from time to time, as we crossed the beaches, sand dunes and ruins of Essaouira. It was the quite the adventure and have shared a video that captures the essence of this unforgettable experience for all to see.

I would recommend visiting the fortress wall town of Essaouria for the Moroccan/French infused flair, hospitality, swanky hotels and spas, rustic contrast of the old world, tasty food, silk fabrics, and sunset beach walks. We loved it!


The old fort, Bordj El Berod

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