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Health Coaches Unite on a Maui Ridge Hike

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

There are times when stretching ones limits is imperative for a completely different experience and reward. This particular Maui hike was one of those days. When given the opportunity to work with a team of 55 health coach women from around the country, who cover the basis in most niches within that field, how could I resist. Initially, I felt overwhelmed by the size of group and the necessary precautions needed, but instinctively knew this was going to be a great opportunity, learning experience and most of all, fun day!

Fueled up on coffee at Maui Tropical Plantation, we made our way to the hiking destination and began our ascent 2.5 miles up the Maui ridge trail and into the clouds. Initially, the weather was overcast, slightly rainy with super high winds and wasn't sure how this was going to turn out. Thanks to the Hawaiian Gods, the clouds opened up for a while and the light rain disappeared for an adventurous hike and these beautiful photos.

The grand finale were hidden waterfalls to explore, where I assisted 46 of the 55 women, one by one, down an amazing banyan tree routed wall to the lower tier falls. But I could not do this alone, as there was another critical area further down from me that needed some assistance. One of the health coaches, Sumer Furlong, volunteered and she was the right woman for the job to make the descent for everyone as safe as possible. In fact, I told her I would hire her on the spot anytime! She was that good...

The final inspiration was guiding some of the women into Makamaka'ole Falls for bathing! The invigorated look on their faces was priceless and knew right then and there, successful mission accomplished! Being empowered must be contagious because the whole group climbed back up that banyan tree wall and rock hopped the river stream on their own in a flash! Well done ladies...

I look forward to another adventure with these power women paving the way for a better future and would like to think the leader of the group, Terri Miller, for organizing this and photographer, Petr Klika for the best photos and helping me assist the team. You're the best!


Waihee Ridge trail with panoramic views

A Makamaka'ole Falls tier level

Health coaches unite

Private guide Demian Deas and Terri Miller climbing Banyan tree

Private guide Demian Deas and Summer Furlong climbing Banyan tree

Health coaches unite at Makamaka'ole Falls

Another Makamaka'ole Falls tier level

Another Makamaka'ole Falls tier level

Health coaches unite with Makana Maui Adventures

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