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Iao Valley's Watershed

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

On my days off, I love going to Iao Valley's streams and taking a dip in the freshwater pools. It's so invigorating, and the perfect temperature for cooling off in the Spring and Summer months. You can share this experience on our customized, Valley Isle Tour. But I'm warning you, it's contagious and may leave you coming back for more! The mineral water is so clear and crisp and washes away those aches and pains. I even drink out of the pools, it tastes that good. In addition, there are trails that run alongside Iao Stream and through the forest with numerous pools to access.

This stream cut valley is the largest watershed in the entire state. That would explain the meaning of I'ao: "cloud supreme", designated a National Nature Landmark in 1972. In 1790, the Battle of Kepanwai took place there, in which Big Island, King Kamehameha the Great defeated Kalanikupule and the Maui army during his campaign to unify the islands.

Maui may have been conquered here historically, but today we come here to rejuvenate and honor this sacred land, the life it brings to the island and its people.



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