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Happy Birthday to Me!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021


I had the most incredible day actually working on my Birthday, November 21st! An amazing group of 10 from China joined me for an unforgettable adventure on our full Road to Hana Loop tour. They were the warmest people with much love and gratitude along the way. I sang songs, they sang beautiful group hymns in Cantonese, we ventured into bamboo forests, meditated on the backside of Haleakala Volcano for sunset, one of the members performed for us in the video above, then they sang happy birthday to me in Cantonese! (video below). Now thats a first.

A very memorable day where cultural differences were embraced, despite the language barrier. One of the members, Venus, was the translator for most of the group. But there were times when nothing needed to be said and synergy was its own form of communication. I felt a strong connection to a culture that had felt distant to me until now.

Because when we open our hearts and our minds, there are no borders. And what we don't understand, brings curiosity and an opportunity for growth during our evolutionary process.

I love my job and will never forget this day. It was one of the best Birthday presents ever...



#cantonese #meditation #hymns #translator #China


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