• Demian Deas

Exploring West Maui Mountains

Updated: Jul 9

This was an exceptional day with perfect weather. First, Yolanda and I explored West Maui Mountain waterfalls, venturing down to lower falls, climbing down Banyan Tree routes to get there. Initially she didn't want to do it, but her fear of falling was overcome by my confidence in her while guiding. The reward was sweet while bathing in the waterfall pool and having the chance to stand inside the waterfall. Then we headed to some magnificent tidepools and lava rock formations that look like another planet. We bathed in a smaller deep pool before heading over to the largest tide pool I've ever seen! I was able to climb up a lava rock wall and dive in! What an incredible experience. The images do not capture the scope of area or size of lava pools, but gives you an idea.

In the end, Yolanda was very grateful in my helping her overcome her fear with a rewarding outcome! That made my day, and what being a private adventure guide is all about!

Banyan Tree West Maui Mountains

Maui private guide climbing down to a waterfall

Hiking to West Maui's hidden waterfalls

Yolanda having a swim  in the waterfall pool