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  • Demian Deas

Covid-19 Tour Protocol

During these unprecedented times, we want you to know, we will take all necessary measures to keep you safe and healthy on our private tours. From hand sanitizers, disinfectant hand wipes, to multi-purpose wipes combined with alcohol spray will be used for sanitizing interior of vehicles and door handles after each tour. In addition, for meeting and greeting customers, guides use a Shaka (hang loose) sign instead of a handshake.

That in combination with social distancing, only offering private customized tours, getting away from most crowds and exploring nature, should make all the difference in choosing an experience, that not only feels comfortable, but creates excitement for a well deserved getaway!

Masks are optional inside our vehicles. We will provide disposable masks, if need.

We look forward to being of service again, because creating new and exciting experiences in life, will help us move forward with optimism, and a great reminder of our inherent nature to prevail during challenging times. Thank you for your support and can't wait to create fun filled memories with you!




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