• Demian Deas

Jungle Hike

Updated: Apr 1

Some say, climbing into waterfalls is the Fountain of Youth! I would have to agree... Hawaii's Waterfalls have numerous mineral traits, such as Silicon, Iron, magnesium and calcium, due to our Volcanic rock formations. It revitalizes you, and the ladies love having their skin feel so soft for the rest of the day!

Elliot, Adam and I hiked into the West Maui Mountains jungle to our first waterfall for a dip in the pool. Elliot, being a world traveler and hiker loved the unique, lush setting and the ability to lava rock hop through streams and learn about the plant species on the dirt trails. We then made our way back down to a hidden lower stream, with giant boulders and lava rock formations, to one of my favorite hidden waterfalls. Adam was ecstatic to climb into this waterfall and soak it up! As you can see in the video, he's lovin' it! While Elliot was trying to figure out how to get down from that wet boulder he was sitting on. Even with his experience, having hiked through Africa and numerous places worldwide, wet lava rock is tricky, and was happy to assist. Elliot and I have been on a few Maui adventures since, with the latest news being, it's a baby girl! Congrats buddy! Just remember to take a brake from parenthood and join me for another Maui excursion!



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