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Hiking to Another Planet

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

It was overdue for a personal getaway and nothing sounded better then a three day hike into Haleakala Crater, one of the largest craters in the world and another planet! This place is a life changer when you go deeper into it, a real power spot for transformation, expanding our state of mind, strengthening ones endurance, and one of the quietest places on earth for serenity. A privilege to explore while respecting the natural habitat.

This massive shield volcano is dormant and home to some rare and endangered species.

The national park has worked for decades to reintroduce and protect what was once native and keep out foreign and invasive species. The Hawaiian goose, Nene, was close to extinction in the early 1950's. Since they are federally protected now, you can find 300-400 in Maui and approximately 2000 throughout the islands, making it the rarest goose in the world.

We stayed in two different cabins built in the 1930's, strategically placed due to heavier rains in those locations, and was most impressed with the stark contrast of lush green areas in a volcano this year! We then hiked up and out the Switchbacks into the cool mist as the grand finale. I look forward to the next time as the quest continues to discover more of this extraordinary crater. Mahalo!


Hiking into the Haleakala Crater

Deep inside the Haleakala crater

The Three Haleakalateers

Haleakala's Rainbow Ridge

Haleakala's Switchback mountain

Holua Cabin In Haleakala

Hawaiian Goose Nene


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